Does your Company want to Communicate Visually?

We can provide consultation, installation and support services for a "turn-key" video network so that your company executives, managers, customers and employees will be able to make a more human link to the communication chain.

Welcome to the 21st century!. It is now possible to link your corporation building wide or worldwide through a state of the art VideoPhone network.


What can we provide for your Company?

We have been involved in Videophone technology back when people were amazed at the ability to send text email to each other. We knew the day was coming where people would have reasonably affordable VideoPhone instruments at their disposal.

We DO NOT OWN a VideoPhone manufacturing entity. What we do is to survey the market, use and review the participating manufacturers products and set the "best" products on your table. We educate you as to the benefits, and drawbacks of each product. Then, we help you make a decision as to which system, or combination of systems will do the job for your company.


What does a VideoPhone system Cost?

There are simple systems that you can implement within a small company for as little as $10,000. larger, more involved systems capable of communicating with hundreds, or thousands of people can cost hundreds of thousands...prices vary.

Technology is evolving and any system you purchase should be expandable and able to evolve in the future. However, it is certain that a dollar spent wisely will create a communication device that will increase the productivity of your company.


Basic Consultations are Provided by our Staff.

Simply fill out this online form as accurately as you can and we will contact you as to what type of secondary consultation is required. Any secondary consultation is a "second step" into setting up this project and we charge a minimum fee and time-based, subcontract and consultation fees required to provide our services.

Obviously this service is not targeted to people who want low end VideoPhone products. We provide corporations with quality consultations. Please access the feasibility of your project and do not contact us until you are ready to move on the consultation of your VideoPhone network.

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