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The word "VideoPhone" is a generic term from the 1970's. Today as cell phone products are being introduced that are capable of transmitting real-timevideo people will be saying "call me on your video phone". In the next 5 years hand held video phones will dominate the cell phone market. At first companies tried to label this technology in their own lingo calling these phones "picture phones" or brand names. But as video phone calls become common people will forget the brand names and revert back to the basics.

By the year 2020 Video Phones will be the primary means of communication. We predict the VideoPhone industry will become the largest and most profitable business in the history of communication. The word "VideoPhone" will be a household word.

This website will become the home base and prime connection for the "Bell Telephone" company that wants to be the world's primary source for this new industry. And, or course, the internet will the sole means of marketing and administering this new massive market.

Your company can have the world's most prime domains for building a VideoPhone Network! This network includes the domains and

If you are representing a company that wants to make an offer to buy the network system we will accept offers.




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